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The Best Fitness Racks of 2021

Photo Courtesy of Shawn Donaldson, Morning Lifter

A home gym has several benefits. Working out at home reduces your drive time to the gym to zero. It also saves you a lot of time during your actual workout, as you don’t have to wait for equipment to open up. Setting up a home gym from scratch is easier than you might think. To start, power racks should be among the first equipment you install.

Power Racks for At-Home Gyms

There is a wide range of power racks for at-home gyms. However, each one has different features that make it appealing to different trainers. While most of them function similarly, they differ in the flexibility they offer and the accessories available.

T-3 Series Power Rack

Offered in 81 and 92 inches, the T-3 series power rack is a must-have for at home gyms. 2-by-3 inch 11-gauge square steel uprights make this power rack extremely durable. This impressive rack comes with a 1.25-inch pull up bar, a 2-inch fat pull up bar, and 2 reinforced J-hooks. Featured laser-cut holes along the uprights allow for your power rack to be compatible with many accessories for optimal workouts. You can feel safe with the T-3 series for it has a rackable capacity of 1,1000 pounds to a total rack capacity of 4,400 pounds. Trust us, the T-3 series power rack is worth checking out.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works with a multitude of accessories
  • Extremely large load capacity

TITAN Series Power Rack

The TITAN power rack is a strong rack with 3-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel uprights. It has a 2-inch hole spacing as well as numbered laser-cut holes throughout the rack. The keyholes on the TITAN rack allow you to use a range of attachments with it. The rack comes with four heavy-duty steel uprights, two bottom braces, and two top braces. It also has a front and rear cross member. When looking for power racks for at-home gyms, this should be one of the top considerations.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large load capacity

X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Rack

Among the power racks for at-home gyms, the X-3 Series offers a good solution that many lifters and athletes would appreciate. This rack does not need you to bolt it to the ground. It has heavy-duty 3-by-3-inch uprights and a sturdy construction that supports the weight for your workouts. It has a flat foot design, which gives you more stability for your exercises. The double-sided gusset plates further enhance the strength and support of the rack. The height options for the rack are 82 inches and 92 inches. You can also have 10-inch or 24-inch extensions to increase the depth.


  • Skinny and fat pullup bar included
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Comfortable height
  • Flat foot design for stability

Olympic Squat Racks

As an important part of your home gym, the squat rack should be durable, versatile, and useful, and it should also fit the space available. With there being a wide range of Olympic squat racks available on the market for your home gym, each rack has advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before you can settle on one.

X-3 Series Tall Squat Stand With Pull Up Bar and Spotter Arms

Professional weightlifters and athletes need Olympic squat racks that are strong and safe for the user. The Titan X-3 Squat Stand optimizes stability in its flat foot design, with 3-by-3-inch heavy-duty uprights. There is a laser-cut hole pattern on the uprights and through the bench zone as well as 2-inch hole spacing to allow adjustments. Its weight capacity is 1,000 pounds, and it measures 92 inches in height, 49 inches in width, and 48 inches in depth, resulting in a weight of about 203 pounds.

Some of the features of this rack include two X-3 spotter arms, double-sided gusset plates, a 1.25-inch pull-up bar, and a pair of UHMW-lined X-3 J Hooks.


  • Strong and sturdy uprights
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to assemble
Photo Courtesy of Shawn Donaldson, Morning Lifter

X-3 Series Half Rack

The X-3 Series Half Rack is a brilliant choice for Olympic squat racks. In fact, it is one of the top choices among professional bodybuilders. With it’s 3-by-3-inch heavy-duty laser-cut uprights, this rack has a weight load capacity of 1,000 pounds.

The other features for this rack include weight plate holders, pin and pipe safety bars, and dip bars.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Suitable height for many individuals
  • Easy to assemble
  • No need to anchor to the floor
  • Greater customization options

T-3 Series Independent Squat Stand With Pull-Up Bar

This squat rack consists of 11-gauge heavy-duty steel uprights for heavy weight workouts. It further has J-Hooks as well as 6-inch side hole spacing on the uprights, allowing for more accessories. The rack features an independent upright design complementing the low profile, which is great for one of the top Olympic squat racks. It also has a bolt-together design that makes it easy to transport and fit into different rooms.

The rack comes with a 2-inch removable pull-up bar with quick pins.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to transport and set up in any room
  • Many accessories

Wall Mounts & Rigs

Titan has some impressive wall mounts and rigs.

108-Inch X-3 Wall-Mounted Rig

The 108-Inch X-3 Wall-Mounted Rig has 3-by-3-inch tubing. It is comprised of 11-gauge steel and has two 108-inch uprights. It further has a 70-inch wall mount cross member and one 43-inch pull-up bar. It has a weight capacity of 183 pounds.

108-Inch T-3 Series Wall-Mounted Rig

The 108-Inch T-3 Series Wall-Mounted Rig is another rack among the top wall mounts and rigs. It has 2-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel tubing. Other features include two 108-inch uprights, two 70-inch wall mount cross members, and one fat/skinny 43-inch pull-up bar. It weighs 169 pounds and has a height of 108 inches. When set up, it stands 73 inches from the wall.

70-Inch T-3 Wall-Mounted Crossmember

The 70-Inch T-3 Wall-Mounted Crossmember is a great addition to your wall mounts and rigs. It helps separate workout stations on the wall-mounted rig. It has a front/back hole spacing of 2 inches from center to center. It is made of 2-by-3-inch steel tubing with two Titan laser-cut logos on each gusset. It has a weight of 31 pounds, a height of 14 inches, and a length of 70 inches.

Exercising at home requires you to have the right equipment. Setting up your home gym means that you have to get the correct set of equipment to support your workouts. Getting the right power racks for at-home gyms is crucial for you to enjoy the gym experience without having to join a gym. Power racks vary in terms of capacity and quality, so you will need to check the specs of each rack and ensure it fits your needs.

Health and Lifestyle

How to Reach Your Goal in 2021 – New Year’s Resolutions for Weight Lifting

Many people set big goals for themselves. Setting the right goals can lead to huge progress and big gains. However, people often abandon or lose sight of their aspirations. We’ll cover the art of setting goals as well as weightlifting tips and a bodybuilding meal plan.

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Setting realistic fitness goals is a big undertaking. If you make a goal specific and measurable and set a time limit in which to accomplish it, you’re more likely to succeed. Tracking your progress is essential. For example, let’s say your goal is to get fit. Well, what exactly is fit? What do you picture as being fit? These are some important questions to ask. Saying you want to get fit isn’t really measurable or specific. However, saying you want to be able to do more pullups is much better. Being specific, you might say you’re going to do 10 pullups each day. A plan like this can take you a lot further than a plan to “get fit.”

Focusing on one goal at a time is something else that can help. Trying to do too much at a time is a common mistake that people make. Your goal might be hitting the gym every day, dieting, sleeping well, and following a strict training program. In reality, setting this many goals at a time will likely lead to failure. This huge list of to-dos can make a person very anxious. Seeing your aspirations as a large undertaking can make you feel like a failure.

Give yourself some flexibility to succeed. Though a highly structured plan technically should help you reach a goal, there are always times you can’t follow it exactly. Everyone is human. If you see the road to success as rigid and unwavering, you’re less likely to get there. Set goals you think you can achieve, and adjust them as you go. If they’re too difficult, you may need to lower them a bit, and vice versa. There’s no shame in altering your goals to suit your body’s current limits better. Having flexibility can lead to much more progress.

Best Weightlifting Tips for 2021

Weightlifting truly is an art form. If you do it the right way, you can make significant gains. Doing it the wrong way can lead to disappointment and injury. Here are a few of the best weightlifting tips for 2021:

  • Load your muscles
  • Practice good meal timing
  • Get enough rest to recover
  • Set realistic goals
  • Switch up intensity level
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Add cardio to the workout

Overloading your muscles is an excellent way to get stronger. Doing this means exercising all of your major muscle groups at least two times a week. Most top-tier weightlifters agree that shocking the muscles is key to growth. However, that doesn’t mean practicing bad form and injuring yourself. Since you’ll be training a lot, you need a near-perfect form to stay safe. Doing reps until failure is an easy way to overload your muscles safely. It’s best if you use a weight that you can lift only six to 12 times. This number is ideal for seeing the most strength progress.

Meal timing is one of the most critical aspects of any weight training plan. Right before working out, eat or drink some protein, preferably 20 grams. Within the first 30 minutes of a workout, eat or drink another 20 grams of protein. Lots of carbohydrates become essential if you’re working out more than an hour.

The rest of the list is just as important. You should always make sure to let your body rest in between workouts. Without this rest, your body doesn’t have time to grow and repair muscle fibers, leading to injury and no improvement. It’s also great to switch up your intensity level. Doing this, you can effectively shock your muscles. Cardio is your friend. Many experienced weightlifters say a lack of cardio can strongly limit your gains. It’s great for your health, it burns calories, and it can even help your muscles grow.

Bodybuilding Meal Plan

A bodybuilding meal plan can take your fitness game to the next level. Some of the best foods to eat are meats, grains, fruits, dairy, vegetables, beans and legumes, seeds and nuts, and oils. Just as important as those are the foods you shouldn’t eat. Some of those include added sugars, alcohol, and high-fat, high-fiber, and deep-fried foods. Even if you follow a strict training regimen, these can hinder your progress.

Bodybuilding diets are often considered boring, restrictive, and repetitive. For this reason, it’s best to vary your diet, just like your training program. All of your meals should have at least 20 grams of protein to build muscle. However, bulking and cutting are two big factors to consider. If you’re bulking, you’re going to eat much more food than if you’re cutting.

Here’s an example of a one-day bodybuilding meal plan: For breakfast, have some scrambled eggs along with oatmeal and mushrooms. Then, have some blueberries and cottage cheese for a snack. At lunchtime, eat a burger with broccoli and rice. Between lunch and dinner, have a protein shake and a banana. Dinner might be stir-fry with chicken, brown rice, egg, and broccoli.

Though this is a one-day meal plan, you shouldn’t follow it more than twice a week. Effective bodybuilding requires a wide variety of meal plans that are similar to this. In a weekly diet, you should eat at least three different types of meat. You’re going to burn out very quickly if you don’t vary your meal plan. On the other hand, if you don’t have time to make a plan every day, there’s still hope. Just eat lots of nutrient-dense foods, and try to have 20-30 grams of protein each meal. With an excellent diet and meal plan, any bodybuilder can flourish and see huge gains.

At Titan Fitness, we have the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals in the new year.