Best 5-Day Workout Splits

To get fit, many start routines with serious effort and commitment. After a few weeks, the results begin to show. People begin to notice and comment on the progress. After a while, though, the traditional three days of cardio and three days of weight training in the gym leave some looking for diversity in their workouts. Strength training at home utilizing a five-day workout routine is a great solution for this. What should a 5 day workout consist of, though, and what makes it so effective?

What Should a 5 Day Workout Consist Of?

A five-day split workout is the optimal strength training routine that builds the maximum amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time. The focus of the program is to apply maximum effort to a specific body part on a consistent day of the week. The consistency exhausts the muscle and allows sufficient rest for it to build. So, what should a 5 day workout consist of?

The five-day workout should focus on muscle groups by promoting intense bursts and sometimes consisting of two body parts per day. Isolating muscle groups with targeted exercises encourages muscle growth and definition. 

The workouts will always address the commonly identified muscle groups such as the chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs and legs. Many bodybuilders and fitness gurus adopt this training regimen to gain pure muscle and reduce overall body fat. Muscle-building calls for a proper combination of stress on body parts working together with focused intensity.

It is critical to identify the days you want to work out and the body parts you want to work out. You also need to allow a sufficient amount of rest in between days. There are certain muscle-building rules to maximize the development of the workout. Some of these rules include the following:

  • The chest, leg, shoulders and back workouts should be worked no more than once in five days.
  • The abdomen, bicep and tricep muscles should be worked twice a week, incorporating a light workday and a heavy workday and with a three-day rest period in between.
  • Monitor the number of sets and reps during each workout.
  • Incorporate no more than one hour of training per workout day.

The Benefits of a 5 Day Workout Split

Applying the combination of the above rules, the benefits of a 5-day workout split are tremendous. Maximizing your effort and intensity into one specific muscle group per day keeps the mind focused. This style of training also promotes muscle depth and striations.

One of the pitfalls that many fitness enthusiasts experience is overtraining. The five-day split routine, in combination with the above guidelines, minimizes the potential for overtraining and injuries. When someone who was injured returns to lifting, the potential to push too hard is real.

With the proper amount of rest and recovery, you are allowing the muscle to absorb nutrients and to develop and grow. Allowing the repair process to thoroughly cycle gives a boost to muscle growth. The results of targeting muscle groups are superior to full-body workouts.

Based on your intensity during each workout, there will be an uneven number of calories burned simply because each exercise has its level of “burn.” In other words, focus more on your fat-burning strategies during your cardio sessions. Your workout sessions are simply to build muscle. Hence, you will maximize the benefits of a 5-day workout split.

What Are the Best Muscles to Work Out Together in a 5 Day Split?

Figuring out the proper combination as to which muscle groupings would work most effectively in a workout needs some guidance and thought. When working out from home, you might need to get creative so you can maximize these muscle groups. What are the best muscles to work out together in a 5 day split? They are as follows:

  • Chest and triceps (light)
  • Back and biceps (light), followed by a rest period
  • Abs
  • Shoulders and triceps (heavy)
  • Legs and biceps (heavy), followed by a rest period

Here are some recommended exercises to complete from home for each muscle group:

  • Chest and triceps: Pushups, bench dips, triceps extension, dumbbell bench press and fly
  • Back and biceps: Upright row, bent-over barbell row, wide grip barbell curl and dumbbell biceps curl
  • Abs: Crunch, side crunches and 6-inch straight-leg toe lift
  • Legs: Squats, lunges and toe raises
  • Shoulders: Lateral raise, front raise, military presses and shrugs

Train your legs at the end of the weekly cycle because the leg workout is the most taxing one of all body parts. Due to the leg having long muscles that need stretching, it takes a lot of effort and intensity to maximize the benefits of this exercise. In many instances, the fitness enthusiast needs additional rest and recovery during the leg workout and the mental fortitude to maintain proper form during each rep and set. 

The recovery period from your leg routine will limit movement due to soreness and exhaustion. Allowing a full recovery day from any exercise on any body part is ideal. 

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The fast pace of life and commitments at work and home leave fitness enthusiasts looking for a way to efficiently increase the results of each workout. Hence, the benefits of a 5-day workout split are tremendous. The split-day program has been around for many years, and the most successful bodybuilders and fitness devotees utilize it because of the outstanding results derived in a short period. Having the right equipment gives you the comfort in knowing that you can reach your fitness goals.

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